Art work – by Naishadh Jani

Newspaper and magazine readership is down; tablets and smart phones rule the roost as

communications tools. At a quick glance, it might seem that paper is losing its prominence in

society, but designers and creative art field are still creating beautiful things on, with and out of


Ghanshyam Rathod, a paper sculptor who has been working with the paper material for over

several years. Over the course of a career that began with experimentations in art collage.

Ghanshyam has participated in many group shows, attended camp and many workshops and got

Gujarat state Lalit kala Award. Working with the simplest of tools and an innate reverence for

process, Ghamshyam is a staunch believer in the potential that his medium has to offer the world

of art and design. Ghanshyam believes that, It’s always going to be a challenge to figure out,

“how am I going to make this?” it’s just flat paper. In his works there is an element of

perfectionism in working with clean white paper. To present that he is really picky about how to

present things and he figure each and every cut represent him and his craftsmanship. Even parts

that you won’t see, that are covered by other layer of paper, or even the very back of the

sculpture. What you see or what you not see is equally important for him. He is very critical

about how he make what you going to see, about his cuts and how clean they are and not

showing any edges that are rough.

There are so many synchronicities and symbols and meaning behind the work that makes it so

much more to him. Inevitably, it has his soul in it. It was really the medium of paper that give

him voice as an artist. It’s also about his emotional content behind it and which he trying to say

through his works. In his work he celebrates nature, its beauty, pattern and texture in his works.

His works create motion. He tries to capture that sense of life in his works. Even though it’s

frozen in time, there is a sense of movement. There’s a sense of process. When he finish the

work he got thinking more about this newfound voice and passion of his as an artist, and really

waiting to emphasize the fragility the details that he find so exciting in nature. Ghanshyam says

“I always felt that art should be something that people could encounter and have a personal

relationship with. Meaning that could interact with it on their own. Interact with it, move around


Naishadh Jani

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